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    Perform Online with Artificial Intelligence

    Start getting a Strong ROI with Google Ads

  • As an Expert in Digital Marketing,

    I bring my clients New Business from Digital in Switzerland and Beyond.

    I focus on Leading Brands and Startups with an Excellent Knowledge of Technology and Business on the Internet. Relevant Experience on Lower Funnel Activity Connections to Upper Funnel, Brand Building Communications. Strong Passion for Digital, Quality-Oriented. More than 15 Years of Experience.​



    Media Buying Marketplace Expert, Digital Growth Manager (AARRR), Disruptive Thinker,

    • Performance Data Driven Campaigns, Advanced Tracking, with a Strong Focus on Results,

    • Accelerate Business through Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon Ads using AI,

    • Strong Analytical Skills (Segmentation & Personalization), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation),

    • Enhance Search Campaigns through Display (Banners, Youtube) within powerful Landing Pages,

    • Marketing Automation (scenarios, scoring, deliverability) to Engage and Re-Engage Customers,

    • Corporate Website and eCommerce Redesign for ROI (Audit, Value Proposition, Prototyping),

    • Connect CRM to Google Ads, Optimising your Campaigns not Only for Leads but for Sales,

    • AI-First SEO (Persuasive Content, Links, RankBrain), SXO (Search eXperience Optimisation),

    • Dynamic Remarketing through Social Media Ads, RLSA and Retargeting Platforms (Criteo),

    • Start-up coaching (Business Model Canvas, MVP, Lean Approach, Crowdfunding),

    • Double Experience in Start-Ups and Digital Agencies, Doers Entrepreneur,



    • PMI® - Project Management Professional - PMP® Certified,
    • Google AdWords™ & Google Analytics™ certified,


  • In 2017, Google announced that we switched from a Mobile First world to an Artificial Intelligence First world.


    “From Mobile First to AI First”

    Sundar Pichai

    CEO Google Inc.

  • What does this mean for your business?

    Assuming that current AI is powerful, but still weak and need guidance.

  • You need top resources to drive Artificial Intelligence, a StrongBrain®, who masters Artificial Intelligence and make it rock for your success.

  • My Expertise

    Drive Digital Marketing AI from Geneva, Lausanne & Zürich and direct it in the Swiss Market and beyond. I manage and optimize your:

    Google Ads Campaigns

    PPC Campaign Management (SEA)

    Advanced Tracking

    GTM & Google Analytics 4

    Strong Digital Consulting

    You have a Challenge and need some Advice?

    Get high value Consulting for New Growth.

    CEO & CMO Coaching

    Enhance your Internal Skills. Dedicated Workshops and Individual Coaching tailored to your Company's Goals.

  • Relevant Experience

    Leads to the best tactical choices

    freelance agence adwords google ads Pay per Click suisse

    Latest Position

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Jan 2018 – Feb 2019

    Co-branding events with Google at Swiss Marketing Vaud and HES Valais (speaker)

    • In charge of the customers of web agency, certified Google Managed PREMIER Partner. Digital marketing strategies for Brands and NGOs, audits, competitor analysis and market trends
    • Lead digital marketing projects, PPC management & data-driven campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Ads
    • Manage 900 KCHF/year digital media investment (paid search), using Google Solutions (AdWords, Analytics, GTM, Google Data Studio, GMB), with focus on improving campaign performance (quality score, click through rate...)
    • Individual training with Google, Academy on Air, Agency Sprint at Zurich: Best Practice bids RLSA / Similar Audiences, Smart Bidding, Conversions and Micro-Conversions, Call as Conversion, Link Analytics, Creation of Smart Display Campaigns, DSA-Campaigns, Bidding Strategies, Display Opt-in, Youtube Ads

    freelance paid search adwords google ads suisse

    Previous Positions

    Web Agency Director - Head of Digital - Startup Founder

    Jan 2006 – Dec 2017

    Co-branding event with Google at salon eCom Geneva

    • Consultant for prestigious Digital Agencies through the past 11 years as a SEM Specialist, Agency Director and Head of Digital Marketing, leading best in class data-driven campaigns to enhance ROI for clients in various industries

    • Participation in two startups as a Digital Entrepreneur and Founder. ISTANY, a platform dedicated to wedding photographers in the Geneva area, Switzerland. Plus NEW ART DAY, a premium marketplace dedicated to showcase the best artists in Europe

  • Here is the Google Agency Partner landscape I have been part over the 15 past years:

    Agence Google Partner freelance geneve StrongBrain

    Google Partner Program

    I have passed Google Ads product certification exams and I continue to be up to date with the latest product knowledge.

    I use these skills to deliver strong client and company growth.

    Agence adwords lausanne Google Premier Partner StrongBrain

    Google Partner Premier

    During the program, Google gave me support, education, rewards and valuable advise to accelerate growth of my customers.

    Agence adwords Google Partner Premier Suisse

    Exclusive Agency Partner

    I have benefited from Google with:

    • Exclusive Industry Insights
    • Premium Technical Support
    • Account Management Support
    • Exclusive Product Preview (Beta access)
    • Privileged Trainings & Implementations

    I do not work for Google's interests, I work hard for your success.

  • "Digitization continues to accelerate, everything continues to become mobile and today's Google and Facebook ads are mostly automated by artificial intelligence."

  • How I master AI for your ROAS?

    Let's provide a bit of context.


    Changing World

    Customers do their pre-selection online. Your sales representatives no longer have to prospect in the real world. They are now replaced by Google X disruptive innovation, Artificial Intelligence, trained and guided by AI Experts.


    AI Power

    I deeply listen to you to identify the main strengths of your business, which I use to train AI and capture leads in your market. AIs use thousands of weak & strong signals to outperform your market.



    At this point your sales force will show up. They pick up the prospects I brought them, close the deal and build loyalty, from human to human.

  • "What makes AI truly powerful is its ability of self-learning. The potential of AI is exponential. It is important to keep in mind that what provides the fuel for AI is data."

  • How can I help you?​

    Digital Marketing AI as a Competitive Advantage.

    AI allows a new form of engagement, a degree of personalization never achieved before and new levels of marketing effectiveness.

    Data-Driven Campaigns

    Advanced Tracking, Optimizations, Reporting

    Brain Ads: Copywriting

    Writing Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon Ads and Landing Pages in EN/FR/DE/IT

    Mastering Artificial Intelligence

    AI Trainer, Providing Guidance for High Scale Google Ads Campaigns

    GAFAs or BATX campaigns?

    Embrace the Scalable World of Big Tech Companies

    Personalized Platforms

    Advertise on Outbrain, Programmatic, Tamedia, Admeira... to Reach your Core Market Segments

    Market Positioning

    Repositioning of your Offer (Pivoting) to Create Higher Value Proposition

    RankBrain SEO (SXO)

    Search Considering Human Behavior and the Latest Google Algorithm Updates

    Linking Brands to Brains

    Brand Experience, Creatives & Movie Advertisement for Native Video Advertising

    Global Digital Strategy

    Overall Ecosystem to Dominate your Market

    Start-up Business Plan

    Impactful Plan for Traction & Growth Hacking

    Building Strong Brands

    DNA, Brand Platform and Brand Identity to Generate Brand Preference

    Is Your Key Image Inspiring?

    Photo Selection from MoodBoard, AI for Visual Content Performance

    Marketing Automation & CRM

    From Touch Points to Lead Nurturing & Sales

    Partnership Recommandations

    Share of my Reliable & Trusted Contacts

    Digital Talent Sourcing

    Your Strong Talent at Only One Handshake

    Courses, Trainings, Lectures

    Personalized Workshops for Your Teams

    Brainstorm with StrongBrain®

    And Make Your Ideas Come to Life

    Your Personal Challenges?

    Strong Issues need Strong Solutions

  • Ready to perform online and ride at the top level?

    Add intelligence to your digital strategy


    Ask for advise.

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    Start on a Performance Based Model to collaborate.

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  • Why not starting with 2 hours of advisory?

    Arrange a meeting with Thibaut Lemaire

    Deals are on fixed-rate or on performance-based model.

    Pay only for results!

  • It's a partnership. I will not work for you, I will work with you.

    Enhance your brand advertising ecosystem with both Artificial Intelligence and StrongBrain®. Let's work together:

    Online marketing strategist and search engine marketing consultant


    Geneva - Google Ads and Digital marketing consultant freelance

    Geneva Area, Switzerland

    Lausanne - Digital marketing consultant freelance

    Lausanne Area, Switzerland

    Zurich - Digital marketing consultant freelance

    Zurich Area, Switzerland

    WhatsApp - freelance en digital, marketing et communication en Suisse


    Skype - Responsable digital marketing SEM freelance geneve


    FacTime - Consultant Google Ads SEM geneve suisse


  • What are your main priorities?

    Ensure you have strong resources to achieve your PPC goals, adapting ad campaigns to the seasonal nature of your sales.

    Double your leads

    for spring

    Enhance your brand awareness

    for summer

    Maximize your profit

    for autumn

    Triple your monthly revenues*

    for winter

    *Reference: GOLD AVENUE, the leading platform for buying gold online

  • Alessandro Soldati - CEO @ GOLD AVENUE

    I've been working with Thibaut on GOLD AVENUE since April 2019, when the company only had a few hundred clients. When he arrived, Thibaut took over the entire marketing management of GA and implemented an expansion project (digital acquisition strategy) which then allowed us to grow exponentially.


    Today the company has several tens of thousands of customers and is among the European leaders in the online sale of precious metals to individuals (investment gold bars). Thibaut has a strong marketing knowledge, especially on the Google part (GoogleAds, tracking and SEO), which has allowed the whole company to benefit from it throughout its evolution.


    His main strength is surely his creativity and ability to think "out of the box" on any marketing project. His initiative and good ideas are a major asset for the company, and his motivation make him an excellent resource to make the various marketing strategies evolve in the right direction.

    Alexandre Flueckiger - CEO & Founder @ Alpeor Switzerland

    Thibaut listens to his clients' digital needs and is very pragmatic in his implementation. We have realized well targeted projects and obtained good results. Moreover, Thibaut allowed us to better understand the challenges of the digital world. We highly recommend him!

  • google ppc marketing online

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    On how you can use Google tools to get insights for your strategy and outperform your market in 2024.

  • Any questions about Google Ads​?

    Let's talk about your challenges.


    How Google Ads work?
    How Google Ads tracks website conversions?
    How are Google Ads targeted?
    How Google display ads?


    Google Ads without website
    Google Ads with Google Analytics
    Google Ads with extensions
    Google Ads with Youtube video
    Google Ads without keywords
    Google Ads with Hubspot
    Google Ads with Wordpress


    Where Google Ads appear?
    Where to place Google Ads?
    Where can Google Shopping Ads be displayed?


    When does Google Ads charge?
    When to use Google Ads?


    Google Ads for business
    Google Ads for charities
    Google Ads for mobile apps
    Google Ads for publishers

    Google Ads format


    AI vs Machine / Deep Learning

    Google Ads vs Facebook Ads
    Google Ads vs AdSense
    Google Ads vs Bing Ads
    Google Ads vs Google Marketing Platform
    Google Ads vs Google Shopping
    Google Ads vs Organic SEO
    Google Ads vs Amazon Ads


    What are Google Ads?
    What is Google Ads certification?
    What is a Google Ads campaign?
    What is Google Ads quality score?
    What is Google Ads in app?
    What's new in Google Ads?


    Why Google Ads are important?

    Why Google Ads not showing?
    Why use Google Ads?


    Are Google Ads worth it?
    Are Google Ads effective?
    Are Google Ads safe?
    Are Google Ads expensive?
    How are Google Ads targeted?
    What are Google Ads campaign?
    What size are Google Ads?

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